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About us

Shapes for Women - South Africa's leading women-only fitness chain with a unique 30 minute workout

Do you recognise the benefit of exercise, but don't feel comfortable being on display in a pretentious gym environment? Do you find that you don't exercise due to lack of time? Does the sound of a friendly gym with no men appeal to you?

If so, then why not visit Shapes for Women, South Africa's second largest women-only fitness chain which offers the following benefits:

  • Caters EXCLUSIVELY for women
  • Takes only 30 minutes per workout
  • Is great for any age, any shape and any size
  • Offers a free highly effective healthy eating plan
  • Burns fat, tones muscle and improves cardio performance
  • Offers a friendly, non-pretentious workout environment

Shapes for Women has changed, and continues to change, the lives of thousands of South African women and it can do the same for you! You are never too old, unfit or overweight to come to Shapes for Women. Our gym environment is friendly and non-pretentious with caring staff always in attendance. There are also no men in Shapes for Women gyms - just a few ladies all wanting to get the same thing out of their exercise programme, namely, a personal level of fitness and sense of well-being in a secure, relaxed, yet upbeat environment.

The TIME difference

The Shapes for Women workout takes 30 minutes in total. That's it - in and out in 30 minutes. In order to achieve noticeable improvements, three sessions a week are recommended (although you can attend as often as you like). That's 90 minutes of good aerobic and strength training per week - less time than one workout might take at some other gyms. The concept caters for South Africa's modern day woman who doesn't have a lot of time to spend on exercise.

The PROGRAMME difference

Shapes for Women is a circuit-based routine. There are no classes, so ladies can come and go as they please without worrying about keeping up with other gym-goers who might be fitter or younger than themselves. We conduct a full assessment of you when you join us and follow this up with regular measurements and assessments. We also offer a free healthy eating plan and calorie counter to all members. This practice of continuous support and assistance ensures that our members’ weight loss and wellness goals are more easily achieved.

The EQUIPMENT difference

Shapes for Women's machines do not use weight stacks, but rather small hydraulic cylinders. These hydraulic cylinders provide resistance in two directions allowing more muscle groups to be exercised than conventional weight stack equipment. The level of resistance is largely determined by how fast one moves the particular piece of equipment. This allows for people of different abilities, strengths and fitness levels to use the same equipment without major adjustments being necessary. In addition, the hydraulic cylinders minimise the risk of injury whilst exercising.

Don’t delay, call your nearest branch of Shapes for Women today and let them help you achieve your wellness goals!