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Shapes for Women provides you with a complete strength, toning and cardio workout in just 30 minutes.

With a specially designed circuit that can burn up to 500 calories and which works every major muscle group in your body, you get an effective workout every time you visit . The circuit is made up of resistance machines and cardio stations. The resistance machines, which are specifically designed for females, use adjustable hydraulic cylinders to ensure that more than one muscle group is worked with each repetition.  The alternating cardio stations ensure that you keep your heart rate up throughout your workout.  
The workout atmosphere is fun and non-pretentious. Friendly staff are in attendance at all times to ensure that you are exercising correctly, to motivate you and to help you track your progress.
An integral part of any wellness program is diet. Shapes for Women offers a free healthy eating plan to each member. The healthy eating plan is user-friendly and easy to follow.

To summarise, the Shapes for Women workout has the following benefits:

  • Burns fat, tones muscles and improves cardio performance

  • Workout takes just 30 minutes

  • Promotes weight and measurement loss

  • Circuit is fun and effective

  • Machines are simple to use

  • Hydraulic resistance reduces risk of injury

  • Friendly staff in attendance at all times

  • Friendly and non-pretentious environment

So whether you want to lose weight, drop a dress size, live with more energy, or just tone up a bit, the Shapes for Women workout is for you.

Don’t delay, call your nearest branch of Shapes for Women today and let them help you achieve your wellness goals!