Liezl (27)

"I love going to gym. There is real excitement and a positive attitude from all of the ladies who go. I work out at Shapes for Women as part of my goal to go from 36% body fat to 20% body fat – so far I am at 22%! The staff members get actively involved to ensure that we maximize each session and they are a fantastic asset to your business!"

Debbie (40)

"I hate exercise! I've never done it before, so this is a first for me. And it is absolutely perfect! I can work at my own pace and 30 minutes of exercise is just the right amount of time for me. The atmosphere in the gym is very relaxed and I feel very comfortable being there. I don't feel at all self-conscious, as there are no men. I try to exercise at least three times a week and am encouraged every time by the staff member on duty. She points out when I'm not doing an exercise correctly and congratulates me when I work hard. I have not lost weight yet, but am thrilled with the centimeters that I've lost already!"

Susan (53)

"I have been a member at Shapes for Women for just over a month and enjoy my 30 minute workout three times a week. The concept fascinates me, as there is aerobic and resistance training. I have already lost centimeters around the waist and can feel muscle on my arms and legs. I had a painful right arm for months before joining Shapes for Women. Since joining, my arm is much stronger and the pain is gone! Working out with the professional trainers makes it a very personal experience. Congratulations Shapes for Women - this is the best gym I have ever come across. All women, no fuss!"

Heather (43)

"I have been attending Shapes for Women for two months. I am very impressed with the concept and find that it really works for me. I have found the gym hugely beneficial, noticing an improvement in my muscle tone and my level of fitness as well as a general feeling of well being. I really enjoy exercising in such a friendly environment and the staff members are very professional and motivating. All in all, the health benefits are enormous and the exercise programme does not require a large amount of time out of one's day. I am totally addicted!"

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